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A Vital Part of our Business

At UD Trucks Financial Services. we would like to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the finance of you UD Trucks vehicles.

We offer a range of products and services as part of our aim to provide a complete and convenient service throughout a vehicle’s lifespan. These vehicle financing products include options like instalment sales, financial and operating leases, financial rentals as well as full maintenance agreements.

Rest assured, UD Trucks Financial Services is there to help you on your Road to Success.

The following options are available:

  • Instalment Sale Agreement
  • Financial Lease
  • Operating Rental Agreement
  • Sale & Leaseback
  • Full Maintenance Rentals
  • Geared Finance Agreements (FlexiFinance)
  • FlexiFinance
  • Fleet Card

Kindly contact your nearest dealer to discuss the options available to you.

Maintenance Contracts

Allows you to pay a regular monthly sum for the service and repair requirements on a vehicle. Available for a maximum of five years or 1 Million Kilometres/12 000 hours, whichever should occur first.

Read more about our Maintenance Contracts here. (Link to Genuine Service Agreements Page)

Managed Maintenance

UD Trucks Southern Africa has introduced Managed Maintenance on all new Quon extra heavy vehicles sold from March 2012. UD Trucks’ Managed Maintenance service, an industry first, offers the company’s complete management and overseeing of all repairs and service costs on behalf of its customers. This service is included free of charge on the purchase of a Quon Heavy Duty Truck.

Insurance Products

UD Trucks Financial Services also offers a range of insurance products that is tailor-made for the transport industry.

  • Commercial Cover Plus Shortfall covers shortfall between settlement and standard insurance pay-out
  • Deposit Protector Pays back deposits paid on the finance agreements in event of loss of asset
  • Loss of Use – Downtime pays out benefits where the policy holder is unable to use the asset, causing a loss in income
  • Health Credit Policy provides death and lump sum permanent disability benefits equal to the outstanding value of a UD Trucks Financial Services Credit Agreement
  • Comprehensive Insurance for all your personal and commercial/portfolio needs at very competitive premiums

UD Trucks Southern Africa is committed to providing the best possible transport solutions for your business. Focusing on real added value, you can expect to take their companies to the highest levels of productivity and profit.