Quester GWE


Ultimately Dependable

In distribution you need to be fast, agile and efficient, and Quester is a true sprinter in the city. It has all the qualities you need to constantly stay up and running. Quester is a game-changing truck. Its rugged durability makes it just right for a variety of applications including food and beverage delivery, municipality, utility, petroleum and waste handling.

The name Quester means searcher and Quester is truly a truck for searchers of new fresh ideas and business opportunities. Your business faces the challenges of increasing fuel prices, environmental legislation and erratic payback on purchases. Ultimately, the real winners are the ones who keep on running.

Consistently and reliably, mile after mile, year after year. So the timing is perfect. Quester delivers what transport companies around the globe are looking for: an affordable real heavy-duty truck that combines first-class fuel efficiency with reliable durability.

Quester is UD Trucks’ most cost-efficient truck ever. Not only when you buy it, but also when you drive it. It cuts fuel costs and maximizes uptime so you get quick, dependable payback that will help you reach your business goals.

General Specifications

Axle Configuration 6×4
Engine Series 11
Power 420
Torque Nm 2 000

Maximum uptime

Durability and easy maintainability, with unparalleled support from our service network. Engine service points are located behind the grill for ease of service, to allow checking of clutch fluid, washer reservoir and the air conditioning filter. The oil dipstick is conveniently located at the back of the cab. UD Genuine Service with UD Genuine Parts delivers high reliability and durability to provide longer service life and improved uptime. Quester’s Extra Mile Support includes service agreements, telematics, service reminders and other features that maximize your fuel efficiency and uptime.

Quester GWE Engine GH11

Quester GWE Engine GH11Quester GWE comes with a choice of 11-liter diesel engine, with low fuel consumption and superior performance, putting you one step ahead of the competition. Available power output range from 420 hp, all with air-to-air intercooler turbocharging, integrated into a proven powertrain with a choice of a 9-speed transmission to perfectly match the engine and the task.


With a balanced selection of cabs, powertrains and axle configurations, there’s a Quester that precisely matches your needs, whatever the application. The Quester is designed for ease of superstructure installation with comprehensive bodybuilder instructions and drawings. The parallel side members, designed bodybuilder mounts and a range of power take-offs add to the ease of installation. A wide range of possible axle configurations, wheelbase range, and rear overhang lengths make the Quester truly versatile.